KUDOSiNDiA has been successfully delivering software solutions for the last  years and has an experience of more than  man-hours. This bank of experience stands to your advantage when you choose us. We look at clients as our partners in success.

Technology Specialisation

We have partnerships with industry's leading technology vendors Microsoft, Oracle, Cognos, etc. These partnerships give us direct access to the latest in technologies and training as well as instant telephonic support for software development issues. To view a complete list of technologies click here....

Structured Development Process

“Agile-Lean” is the most accepted Development Methodology across the globe today and the KUDOSiNDiA development team is fully Agile ready & compliant. However, whenever a Project calls for other methodologies like Waterfall, our teams are equally adept at using these too.

Our innovative approach to merge Structured Project Management Model with adaptability and change control allows for rapid delivery of high quality software; a Development approach that aligns with Customer Needs and Goals.

Value for Money

We at KUDOSiNDiA always focus on the Customer’s ROI and deliver solutions which are value for money as also with optimum TCO. Our philosophy is that if you save / make money via using our services, you are likely to stay with us and refer us to others.


Working with Kudosindia is in fact quite relaxing. Our teams are good communicators – which helps in providing real time updates on your project status or at a reporting frequency that you decide. We anticipate your needs in advance and try to meet them on a proactive basis. Best of all, we take pride in our reputation as a company that completes their projects within the time and cost budgets set initially.

We have a proven track of working with discerning customers and would be more than happy to work with you on a website or software development project.